Happy New Year 2008

Hey ^_^

this post is the last post in
2007 :)
and in this post I'll talk about the whole year ..

I think 2007 was kter sare3a ..
and it changed my whole life
started in Kuwait and the end was in
Amman .. XD
but the good think that I'll spend the new year in kuwait
el mohem
I think I love 2007
more than 2006 ^-^"
its was 3ala el a'3lab good year

the friends thing
I think enno b nehayet el 2007 sarli great great friends
3n jad .. ^_^ I'm happy for that

about the Study
the studying is started to be GOOD ^-^"

about the family
I still hav the best family ever :)

about the internet
between 6arab and the blog I spent the 2007 internet life :p
and I hav a supa great net friends
w the blog is doin' a great job
I love ma blog
I love ma internet life

ok lets talk about my celebrities :p

Jessica Alba
the star of ma blog :p
I started 2007 in love with her
and I will start 2008 in CRAZY about her
kel yom 7obbe leha bezeed :p
I luv u jesse
( mwah )
this is Jessica in ma green :p
she says happy new year ;)

Kristen Bell
a new entry b ma fav celebs in 2007
I fall in love with her from her show
Veronica Mars
says happy new year kaman

Amanda Bynes
I fall in love with her eyes in 2007 too
mn her movie
She's The Man
this movie makes me love her more and more
happy new year dude :p

Shayne Ward
I knew him by the end of 2006

now it's time for
the best of the best of 2007 ;)
by the way
hayda ra2yi and u r in ma own world
so just shut the ..
anywayz :p

Best Arabian Male Singer
Fadel Shaker
I think no one can HIT a single just like him
he is the best ^_^

Best Arabian Female Singer
I don't like the character of elissa 7atta I hate her LIVE voice
bs no one can resist her songs :)

Best Foreign Male Singer
Justin Timberlake
with no comment .. bs he is the best :)

Best Foreign Female Singer
Avril Lavigne
she's 3n jad the best her songs RUX

Best Arabic Album
Asala - Sawaha Galbi !
yes Asala :p
her Album 3n jad mn a7la albums 2007

Best Foreign Album
Kelly Clarkson - My December
knt r7 e5ter Shayne's new album .. bs etzakkart addeeh sme3t album kelly
really kan mn a7la el albums

Best Arabic Music Video
wala clip 3aleeh el 3een 3anna mashalla .. XD
bs I'll choose
Roo7 - Shatha 7assoon
'cause I like fekret el clip

Best Foreign Music Video
Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend
3n jad ... mn ma shaf hal clip .. XD

Best Foreign TV show
Prison Break
Season 3

Best Arabic TV show
Bab el 7ara
Season 2
aked el most populer .. ^_^"

Best MOVIE of 2007
omg .. this year was the best bl movies
3n jad a7la aflam heye aflam hal sana
yemken aktar sana re7t fehe el cinema
so mosta7eel I'll choose one movie
these r my best movies of 2007

1- Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
Jessica did a great job in this movie :p lol
la2 msh 3ashan Jessica bs .. 3n jad el movie supa supa great

2- Spider-Man 3
who didn't like this movie !

3- Transformers
lamma fettet hal movie ma fakkart enno r7 ye3jebne la hal daraja !
bejanneeeen !!!

4- Disturbia
simple movie with great story :)

5- The Hills Have Eyes 2
I love it :)
lessa el list 6awela bs thats enough :)

I wanna say happy new year to all my friends
all the peaple who visit my blog
betmanna tkon 2008 a7la mn 2007
e tkono klkom happy

w a5eran
m3 my 2008 wishes
1- meet Jessica Alba
ya3ni kel sene b2ool el sena el jaya I'll meet my Jessica
bs r7 asbor
2- LIVE concert ..
la ay 7ada :p
3- enno ykammel el blog la 2009 :)

ok w ba2e el wishes I'll keep them for maself
take care guys :)

this is the post number
^_^ weeeeha

Wicked Wicked Games

Hey ^_^
kefo ?
2day and before the 2008 b kam hour ..
I wanna take aboout my fav show
[ Wicked Wicked Games ]


3n jad this show is TOP !
the story is great
lamma sheft awal 7al2a kan baddi enno atabe3 mosalsal w 5alas ^_^"
to go through Amman's hard nights :p
bs 6ele3 el mosalasal so so so cool
its about
Love + Revenge
the best part is the name
" Wicked Wicked Games "
" ala3eeb shereera shereera " .. XD

my best character in the series
Blythe Hunter
I so LOVE this women
3n jad she is so powerful and evil
the bad thing enno she's the dark side and the evil part bl mosalsal
so sure her END will be BAD .. XD
bs b awal episodes kanet in control 3ala kel she
bs now she's not >_<
3n jad I think the actress
Tatum O'Neal
is sexy !
but she's too old to be in ma list .. XD
the show b ballesh
from Sat -to- Wed
at 8.00 KSA
I think now el last episodes
so enjoy watchin' :p
I'm preparing the new year post
I'll post it at night ..

Shoppin' TIME

heyz :)
how r ya ?
am fine
am spending my last days in kuwait
preparing " traveling stuff "
and so on ..
to be honest ..
I donno wanna leave XD
hayda tsree7 5a6eer :p
bs at the same time .. I miss my friends and jaw el university ka kol ..
w I miss takin' 3a el nas w el ta3lee2 :p
any any anywayz ..
2day I went shopping
I bought some HOT stuff :p
lekay otheer e3jab AMAL XD and all the girlz :p
I'll tell u about Amal later .. XD
not'n the mood to talk about ugly girlz --"
I bought
kam T-Shirt 3a kam Zipper 3a kam JEANS 3a Jacket 3a 3a :p
and I bought a new sun glassed cuz my friend sara broke mine :op
sa7e7 I bought 3a2rab to wear
I bought eshya ktera b sara7a ^_^" ..
and I hav kter eshya in Jordan
so I donno sho r7 a3mel b kel hal malabes
w lessa na2esne km sha'3le
so I'm goin' to finish up tomorrow
kan bedde to take a pix
bs ma le 5el2 :p
maybe later
I hate travel-shoppin'
makes me feel LOST
Take Care guyz ..

Jessica's Baby BUMP ! + ENGAGED

Jessica Alba is ENGAGED !!

Not only is Jessica Alba expecting, she’s also engaged!
Longtime boyfriend Cash Warren recently proposed to the Fantastic actress. Jessica was seen sporting a glitzy diamond engagement ring on her left hand while out and about in Los Angeles on Wednesday.
KEMLET ya Jessica
3n jad shar el baleyati ma make us laughing :p
shofo Jessica el next day :p

it gets bigger !!

ok ok !
I know enno if the women 7amel
her belly byekbar ^-^"
bs msh b hal sor3a !!!!
3n jad I don't know Jessica 7amel b ay shahar hall2

look at these first pix of the pregnancy !!



msh ka2anno .. too big XD !!
she will be daynasoor ba3deen >_<" .. .. .. this one too .. Photobucket
Jessica Beautiful BODY will be distroyed by CASH's son .. ^-^"
3n jad I told u before
enno she's too beautiful to be pregnant ><
enno sho bo el adoption :-p
and look at this
maQ6a3 3ardi :p

bs I like it somehow :p
she's so cute with the belly
BTW .. sa7ten Jesse .. ^-*
sorry enno el blog sar kello Jessica
bs lazem tabe3 a7dath el 7amel :p

| Love Like THIS |

heY .. !

how r ya ?

2day I've a great song for u to listen
3njad admant 3aleha hal yomen

el song for

Natasha Bedingfield
Sean Kingston

esma :

This !

el kalemat bet3a22ed


I love hal ma26a3 :

Well this life tries to keep us apart
you keep callin me back to your heart


so so so so COOL hal song ..
w el video kteer 7elo
kteer Natasha 6al3a 7elwa

watch it ..

so eza badkom to download the song

Click HERE


[ I Luv Jessica Alba ]

hey guys ^_^
how u doin' ?
I'm supa fine
sick shway
3andi shway bard 3a shway flu
bs fine :p I can handle it

I wanna talk today about Jessica Alba
ka2anno awal marra ;op ma ana kel my posts 3n
bs hal marra '3eer yemken
l2an ana knt in the last week m3assab menha 'cause she's pregnant !
bs now ana Kinda taQabbalt el fekra
enno 7elo shof Jessica alba with a big belly
walkin' like the penguins :p
and she'll get a cute little girl .. ha jessica ! badde girl ok :p
balash boy yetla3 3a cash XD
ana now motaqabel el fekra
w mabrok la Jessica 3l 7amel
ya rab t2omi bl salama :)


ok ok
bedde shoof her new movie
" Awake ! "
msh mla2eeh DVD !
and the torrents r not workin' in kuwait
wat can I do .. XD
bedde shofo ..


ana kteeeeeeeer exciting about her upcoming movie
[ The Eye ]
u know that I LOVE herrors movie
look at the poster guys !!


ouCh ... XD !!


w watch this new trailer ..

I can't wait ..
it's a OSCAR-WORTHY ..
3n jad ya jessica ya rab te5de el OSCAR
cause u deserve it more than those bitches >_< ....
.. finally I designed new wallpaper lal movie check it out

coool ?
yeslamle el el 3yon el blind ana :p

Jensen's Wallpapers

hey guys ^-^ ..
kefo ?
I'm doing fine ..
marra wa3adet sadiqati enno I'll design wallpapers la 5a6eba
Jensen Ackles
so I did in Jordan
but I couldn't upload them 'cause the internet SUX there
here we go ..

cool ? ^-^" ..
I'm using the UNTOUCHED ^_^

}| DIARY |{

hey there ^_^ ..
my mood is great ..
i'm having alot of fun here
3n jad I missed kuwait kteer .. and now I'm enjoying my time
w el wa2t 3m bemor SAROO5 !
3n jad ...
mn wa2t ma Jessica Alba saret 7amel
I feel somthing '3areeb beseer ma3i !!
I donno sho
bs b7es enno 3m shoof Jessica b 6are2a '3eer
I donno b sara7a .. bs 2n jad sho3oor '3areeb !!
I wanna talk about my friends in JORDAN
3n JAD i miss u so so much
w GoOoD luck bl exams w b kel she
wish u all the best .. ^_^ ..
I guess thats all the things I wanna talk about ..
E .. E ..
listen to " Betmoon " & " 5od Balak "
from Elissa new ALBUM ^_^ ..

Happy EID in Kuwait

hey hey hey ^_^
kefo ?
Kel 3am w ento b alf 5eeer
w enshalla yen3ad 3alekom
in sa77a and sa3ada :)
yes yes
I'm supa supa supa happy
cause I'm
yes yes
I arrived to the country yesterday ..
I'll spend EID Ad7a "5aroof " , Chrismas and new year in kuwait ^_^
yes yes .. I'll back to Jordan on 2.1.2008
to be TRUTH
I miss my GREAT friends in Jordan ..
but I love kuwait and I can't help it :op

أواخــر الــشــتا

أحلــى ما سمــعت هــ الأسبوع

أواخر الشتـا
جديد الفنانة اليسا

ريلي الاغنية روعة
و ع السريع
تصميم اشتغلت عليه من الصبح
^-^" تقريبا ع السريع

تيك أ لووك

Cool ? or ?
I need ur comments ..
اها نسيت
لـ تحميل الاغنية

Jessica Alba is PREGNANT !

hey !

I hav a bad news

للـ أسف خبر سيء ما فرحني أبدا


Jessica Alba is Pregnant !

جيسكا البا حــــــــامل !!

من المتخلف

Cash .. XD


I can't believe it !

I heard it in the news and I'm still in the shoCK !

I know that she has a personal life



NO .. XD msh mn CASH

w not NOW




look at this pic !!

First Pic of Pregnancy


Sorry !!

hey guys :)
miss u very very very much
I just wanna say SORRY
because there is no useful updates in my blog
the reason is ..
I don't have internet right now
so ..
i'm doing fine here in Jordan
I'll be in kuwait by the begining of the EID
and I'm happy and worried about many things
I'll right in details later
catch ya ^_^

Dayz !

hello THERe ..
how r ya ?

first ..
check this new wallpaper for Jessica Alba
designed by ME ^_^ ..

click --> BIG ..
is it COOL !
I'm so so so in love with it
بحب الخلفيات اللي أنا بصممهم ..
لأن بكونو على مزاجي
بالصور اللي بحبهم
كان بدي احكي بـ هالبوست على هالايام
يعني عم تقضي الايام بالاردن
Ups & Downs
وبس في مشكلة صغيرة
انه بدي ارجع على الكويت بالعيد
so BADLy
بس اي دونت ثينك انه رح ارجع
كوز عن جد في مشكلة مش عم تنحل
ولا عم تخلص
so just ED3oli ^_^

new pix [ Jessica Alba ]

hey ^_^

I have some great news about Jessica Alba
her new movie
is the 4th in the box office :)
some stupid people r saying that .. enno it's not the 1st or 2nd . ha ha ha
so just shut the ... UP !
we r happy with the 4 ..
whatever !
Fantastic Four was the 1st in the box office
so msh darori kl el movies ysero el first
mabrok La Jesse

and here r some new pix
3n jad lamma shefton .. janneet
she's the cutest "thing" ALIVE
3njad !!

take a LOOK

OMG !!
she's like an ice-cream or somthin
SO SEXY and Delicious
I love u JESSICA
T.C guyz


heEeY there ^_^
kefo guys ?
اول شي
sorry about the previous sadly posts ^-^"
bs really I wasn't in the mood
and big thanx to all peaple who supported me and helped me
^_^ .. the real friends r in the real problem
3n jad thanx
2day I had a great great day
ya3ni really one of the big dayz in my life
it was started sad .. ^_^ with happy ending ..
the problem that I had is gone TA2REBAN ^-^" ..
today 6le3na all the shella .. and 3n jad I need it cause we had I supa supa great time
and d7ekna kter kter ^_^
we visited 3abdoon ..
it's not my first time ^-^" .. but it was the best
we had our launch then we ate ice-cream .. I NEED IT GUYS .. XD
I donno wanna write in details
3ashan ma tezha2o ^-^"
bs we had a great time ^_^ and I have a LOVELY friends
the friends were in 6al3a are :
1- me :p
2- ShoSho
3- SoSo "6obaiza :p "
4- Rozy
5- SoQy
6- Deema
finally I wanna talk two girlz ..
3n jad I have 2 sisters in kuwait and I love them so much w met3alla2 fehom kter ..
and these 2 girlz r my 2 sisters in Jordan ^_^ ..
First ..
ShoSho ;)
3n jad u r like my sister .. and I feel free to tell u every thing
and thanx 3a kel she
w thanx 3a wa2fetek ma3i in my hard problems :)
lol .. I like her nick name :p
and she's my second sister
yemken ma ba3refha mn zaman .. bs 3n jad ka2anno ba3refha mn years
and she supported me kter b the last problem
thats all for now
ed3oli bokra cause I will do the jobs that I haven't been finished today ^_^
I love u
2 - Dec - 2007 ;op